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Computer crashes when playing various games

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Hello, recently my computer crashes at random when playing certain games, my mother is paticularly upset when it crashes on her, and I would like to somehow solve this problem, I have no idea what information is needed to trouble-shoot this issue, so if someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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My graphics card is the ATI RADEON 9550, I just got it for Christmas, so I don't think the card's ability to handle the programs is the problem, because it runs Doom 3 perfectly on Medium quality without crashing my computer. The game that seems to be crashing most is Luxor, and my mom was able to play that with my old integrated graphics card. Its not out of the question that the video card might be playing a part in it, because we never had this problem before it was installed.

my PC is a HP Pavilion, the specs are uhmm..

3200 AMD Athlon processor
512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory
160 GB HDD

thats all I know right now, because I'm a newb and all I did was read this off the front of my computer. If there is more information you need, I'll get it.

By the way thank you for responding, I was getting worried
Where would I be able to find this?
It just crashed, and this time a message came up telling me to lower my screen resolution.. I think it said something about my monitor not being able to handle it? This happened after I installed the new drivers.
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