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Computer Crashes then Beeps

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Hi all, I need assistance with an on going problem i've got, here we go.
Most times I start the computer it starts fine but then after a couple of minutes it will freeze and the screen would go black this is followed by 1 long beep and 3 short beeps straight after. Sometimes it would repeat this process 3 or 4 times before it finally starts. I've run the error checker and defraged, i've also run a number of other virus scanners such as AVG, spybot and system mechanic but with no luck!
Any help greatly appreciated

My system:
Asus P5B duluxe MB
Radeon xt1900 gpc
260gb hd
Windows xp
Home Edition
2002 Service Pack 3

Intel core 6300 @ 1.86 GHz/1.87=GHz
2.00 GB Ram
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Those beeps could indicate faulty RAM. So ...

First thing I would do is test your RAM. You can do this with memtest, available here:

To burn a CD, download 'Download - Pre-compiled Bootable iso'.

For the CD you need to know how to burn an .iso file, as you don't just copy the file to a CD (see below).

The CD is bootable. Insert the CD and restart the computer.

If you have more than one stick of RAM, test each independently - remove all but one. Remove, Rinse and Repeat.


If you're unfamiliar with birning image (.iso) files or don't have a utility to do it, then you can get this freeware:

Click any of the Mirror sites, Download and install. Use this program to burn .iso files to a CD.
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What BIOS do you have? For example, with AMI bios, it's probably memory. Award or IBM bios, possibly video card.
Hi Gombot

I couldn't work out weather it was AMI or IBM but i wrote down what it said on start up:

PCIE-to-SATAII/IDE RAID Controller BIOS v1.86.22


not sure what it means apart from the date 'v1.86.22'

Although I think it is a video card prob now you mention it, it has the right beep sequence.
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Hi Claymore
I am having trouble burning discs at the moment, I'm still trying to work out whats causing the problem, it might be related to this issue which i now think is either RAM or video card. I'll have to get the image burned another way.
Thanks I'll let you know if it works
Hi again,

For the board type, try this:

Go to Start => Run and type in msinfo32
Maximize the window, and in System Summary, on the right-hand side, note down what it says for:
BIOS version

I'm not sure your problem would prevent burning .iso images, but maybe you can do it on another computer. Remember - you need an image burning program - Windows doesn't provide one.

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