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Computer Booting Issues!

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I have an issue with my computer,I have two completely fine hard drives, every time I boot up, the bios screen shows up as normal then black screen, the the windows logo shows up but it says automatic repair, then in next second or two it restarts my computer then going to the same screen with the automatic repair, skipping the bios screen this time then once restarts again in a endless loop. I've heard of this loop online and how to fix it by going to advanced settings but I can't because it restarts before the automatic repair can do anything. Is there anyway I can fix this?

my motherboard is B350 Tomahawk (Ms-7A34),the bios is MSI click bios 5
My CPU is AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core Processor
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two completely fine hard drives
How do you know this exactly?

Use something else to boot the computer. Is this Windows 10? Can make a Win 10 Install USB / DVD with the Media Creation Tool here:

You will need to run this on a working Windows computer and you will need an 8GB or larger USB flash drive, or a blank dual layer DVD and DVD burner.

Boot the problem computer with the USB/DVD, choose Repair Install, and you should be able to get to the advanced settings. Where you go from there depends on what the problem is.
I already have one a USB stick drive but it doesn't work on my computer it causes the bios screen to glitch then a black screen, oddly enough it does work with my old computer and my mom's computer. The too hard drives are fine one contains a ton of important files and the other the main one well I've already installed windows on by using the USB on my old computer. I was able to boot it up.


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Unplug one HDD to see if any changes occur.
I've already tried doing that , the same thing, it even did it to my moms hard drive too even though it worked perfectly on her computer and it also did it on a hard drive that didn't had windows installed on it
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