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compaq presario cq50 210 US

Making it short before keyboard locks back up
All of the sudden with no warning , will get a very fast loud beeping sound, keyboard locks, requires rebooting to work. will only work for a moment then gone again, sometimes without the loud fast beeping. When it does the beeping and locks up, u have to force it down with the power button. When it does not do the beeping,you can shut down correctly to restart.

The only thing I have found that fixes said problem for a short period of time is flashing the BIOS. Sometimes this will work for days and days, sometimes, for only minutes. Reflash, works again for a while.

I have ran updated:

Malewarebytes: nothing
Adaware: nothing but normal cookies
Spybot: finds two Malware ( one is Adware )but removes them
AVG: only finds normal cookies, last night found one FireFox issue but healed it.. first time that has happened.

Now, Im sitting here typing all this into a Notepad document and all is well, and Im going to copy and paste it into the forum, but if I were on the Internet trying to type this into the forum, I'd have probably never gotten past the fourth sentence if that.

I was having this issues, seriously bad, months ago, to the point I reformatted.*this same exact problem* It started right back up after reformat, so I ran across an article that made me flash the BIOS. Lo and behold it worked for a while..then started back up .. then stopped for almost two months( all scans during this time never found ANYTHING ), but you could flash the BIOS and off youd' go for a while or a long while .

On Aug 5th it started this again for a day, I got frustrated because IE8 had been continually crashing on me for about two weeks, getting progressively worse, so I decided to download Fire Fox and give it a try. Everything worked amazing for a week, no problems with insane beeping and locking up, no keyboard locking up without beeping, computer was fast like it had been in the beginning.. all was well

Until last night.. Same thing I mentioned earlier... Im on the net, there started that insane beeping, everything locks up, have to force computer down to shut it up because keyboard and mouse are locked up .

Today it has done this probably 10 times, I've flashed the BIOS probably four times today , three last night.

The fact that I am typing this in a word pad and having no issues with lock ups, tends to make me think somewhere its an internet issue , or the fact this POS is possessed.

ANY ideas ? PLEASE because I am so ready to just throw it in the trash and its a good computer. Normally.

I might add, when on the internet, and it locks up, it doesn't matter what webpage I am on, whether I am in Yahoo chat, Myspace, Facebook, typing into a Google search..or trying to post in a forum. it has no preference as to when it decides to go south.

One more thing.. it HAS in fact, the first go round with this months ago while running IE has locked up( no beeps though) while I was typing in a word pad doc. So, theres another conflict.

It just pretty much decides to do it when it wants to do it and flashing the BIOS is the ONLY thing I have found that remotely corrects it , whether its for 3 minutes, or 3 weeks, I never know. But something has to be wrong for me to have to keep flashing the BIOS all the time just to keep the keyboard to work long enough for me to even attempt searching for an answer. I have been all over Google and forums and the HP/Compaq website and have found

NOTHING remotely resembling this issue.

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