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Compaq Computers

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I have a bunch of experience with Compaq computers. I wouldn't suggest getting them. Everyone I have gotten one of the cd-rom drives have messed up within a year of purchase. After I got one replace it messed up again. This is popular among Compaq. They always seem to mess up one way or another.
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Another thing about them THEY ARE DUST COLLECTORS!!!! All my compaq computers always collect dust. The newest one collects dust in the floppy drive the most and another one (A year old) collects dust in the whole insides. It gets annoying to clean them out.
ANY pre-built box is a shortcut to quality! No name motherboard, intergreated graphics and audio, slow drives, proprietary designs!

What looks like a deal really isn't! Too bad so many get suckered into them! Just like YOL (Yuppies On Line) another scam!
I didn't get suckered into my Compaq Presario was a gift and I appreciate that. :) I've had it for almost 2 years and no problems with it yet. Knock on wood! :) Take care. angel :)
Compaq wouldn't be my top choice for a PC and definately not for a business PC. They are great for a while, but once you try a new OS or anything on it you are out of luck. Maybe your house just needs a good cleaning...I am sure any other PC would suck up just as much dust.
This old Compaq 7885 and I have been wandering the halls of TSG for a couple years now ! Everything still works, and when I do have a's usualy a"PEBKAC" error, and the members here have always got me going again ..:)..Rhett
That reminds me brother installed memory for me last pc has never been cleaned inside....after 18 months there was minimal dust! Even I was surprised! My brother couldn't believe it! :) So Compaq has been good for me even with WinMe! :) Take care, angel

Rockn: I was going to upgrade to WinXP....are you saying I should just be happy with ME? I don't want to mess up a good working pc! :)
My previous puter was a Compaq. Hated the thing! Crashed all the time, I must have rebooted 10 times a day. Their tech support guys had limited knowledge and when they pushed the problem "upstairs", it took forever for them to call me back. It didn't even come with a parrallel port - I had to install my own, and I gotta tell ya, there's not a lot of room inside one of those for getting your fingers to install other stuff. I had to replace both CD-R and CD-RW drives, and that entailed practically taking the whole machine apart, bit by bit. The fans died out within a year. Cheap plastic cover. Hated it! My next PC (this one) was custom built for me. No problems, runs like a dream! Now that HP and Compaq are joined, I wonder how their new PC's will measure up?
I wont even try to compare custom built to Compaq, or any other brand. If you know (or hire someone who knows) what you are doing, building a box is surely the way to go.....

However, I use two different Compaqs, a laptop (1700T) and a desktop (5100C), both of the Presario family.

All of the problems on both have been either M$ or user created. I cannot contribute any of them to Compaq directly (except shoving ME down my throat on the laptop, but I took care of that ;) )

The laptop going two years strong, the desktop over four.

Maybe I am just lucky with the two.
Personaly, I think most of compaq's problems were on the older machines, the newer ones aren't to bad get rid of all the JUNK Compaq bundles with the PC, most manifactures are sure we users are to stupid to figure out what we need, so they cram stuff down our throats to make life "easier" matter that the PC's only boot to 70% when started !

I found that when I went into start-up and disabled 90% of this junk the PC works very well ! One problem with Compaq is it is hard to uograde to a new OS, they have a screwy BIOS that I still haven't figured out...nor want to ! Mine has win 98 se witch is fine with me, the pc is two + years old and everything still works, next time I may build, have one built, or buy retail again, all depends on the bang for the buck I can get :)

Compaq 7885
P3 @ 700 Mhz
256 meg ram
40 gig HD
Compaq mv 920 19" monitor

I paid $1,200 for it new from costco, at that time, I could find no better deal from the large retail stores, nor the small build it shops. So with the help of this site, it has benn a verry good PC :)...Rhett( I added 128 megs of pc100 ram after purchase)
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I don't know how well the new Compaq/HP Computers are but the regular old Compaq computers suck. All three of the ones I got either the DVD or the CD-R drive messed up within a year. Also the newest one I have (right before HP and Compaq merged) is alright but it seems to go slower and slower each month. I am probably going to have to replace the floppy drive in it (messes up any disk you put in it) and in about a month or two I bet one of the cd drives are going to mess up.
I have a Compaq laptop 720US running XP home.So far I am very pleased with it.I have pared down the startup's and added a burner,USB printer and digital camera,all with no gliches.
My brother has a compaq about 4 yrs. old and has had nothing but problems with it since he got it. Always calling for support cause it just goes out on its own sometimes. Know a few people who have compaq and they are not to keen on them. Although I know some who have them and swear by them. Maybe its the person running the computer?
Or maybe its because I have a display model. :)
If it wasn't for TSG, this Compaq I'm using (under protest until I can replace it!) would be nothing more than an overpriced paperweight. Thinking we were getting a good deal, my parents, brother, and I all bought the same model: Presario 7470. Within a year, each one of us had them in the shop at least 3 times. Would have thought I just got a lemon if their systems weren't the same way. I personally have replaced the motherboard twice and been through 3 hard disks. Tech support has been anything but. I called on the same problem 5 times and got 5 different answers. They even hung up on me once when baffled! They would probably be better off hiring a few grade school children to handle their support- they certainly know more about computers. Thank God for the Tech Support Guys! Compaq- never again.
ohhh...display model. The one the little kids beat on while mom and dad figure out what they want (or are told what they want ;) )in a computer ;)

I suppose it's like cars. Someone could throw a thread up here that says "xyz cars are bad" and depending on the model, the driver, and if they just ended up with a lemon, there would be a whole variety of replies.

After all, most all of us ended up here because of some problem or another that we had with our PC, of a variety of brands/types, right?
Exactly ComputerFix. Alot of Compaq computers mess up but it all depends on the model, year, etc...
I agree, I think the model has lots to do with it. I got my Compaq almost three years ago. It's a Presario, "Built For You" where you had options of what went into the box, ordered directly from Compaq. Because of that, I believe it's mobo and BIOS was more "upgradeable" friendly. It's a full tower so that I have plenty of expansion bays and slots. I did lots of reasearch and like Rhett, it was pretty much the best bang for the buck. Also, being my first real pc, I wanted the comfort of a brand name.

Since then, my only problems have been normal everyday software issues, nothing that I can lay at the feet of Compaq. I understood going in there are proprietary isues with Compaq. I have 98SE and won't bother with any OS upgrade or processor upgrades. Nothing that came with the pc has failed (yet). It has so far accomplished every task, ran every program, asked of it. I've upgraded the BIOS, added a CD-RW drive, more memory, a upgraded video card and added another HD, as well as printer and scanner.

Thanks to this site I've learned to take control of my pc, rather than the other way around. Becuase of what I've learned, my next pc will likely be custom built (with brand name components) as I don't need the comfort of a brand name anymore.

My two cents. :)
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mmmm, i got a presario 6195EA in september 02.
Admittedly i was going blind, and the reason i've got into this site and others is cos it kept crashing, seems ok at the mo.

I noticed all these compaq folders with duplicate folders in (including win2000 drivers???) it runs XP home. I was gonna delete them but i wasn't sure if it would mess something else up or compaq had just been sloppy and left them there.

Anyone else got one already cleaned up? who could advise?
When I got my computer I thought it was great then after about 5 months with having to reformat once a month or so i got sick of it. It turns out my harddrive was faulty. IBM gave me the runaround about running a program to fix it (ie. erase it) but that never worked. I ended up getting a new one and have had minimal problems since.

What a crock...
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