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compaq 5461 new hard disk

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I have a Compaq 5461, that I have replace a failed hard disk. I replace the drive with a WD 20gig 5400 RPM. When I try to boot from the Restoration Disk, I get an error that saids: "The computer you are using is not supported by this QuickRestore CD. Please remove the QuickRestore CD from the CD_Rom drive and restart your computer.

I can boot from a Win 98 boot disk, and load Win98se without any problems, but I need to be able to do this from the Compaq Restoration disk.

I was wondering if there is a hidden partition on the failed drive, that the Quick Restore disk looks at when it boots up from the disk??? If so where can I get the files that should go in this hidden partition?

Any help offered will be much appreciated.
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That's the problem!! Is there any reason in particular that you need the Restoration CD installation as opposed to the plain jane Win98SE installation??
Originally posted by Rockn
That's the problem!! Is there any reason in particular that you need the Restoration CD installation as opposed to the plain jane Win98SE installation??
Yes I am repairing this computer for somebody, and they would have to purchase Win98, that would drive the cost up around 100 dollars, and also there are other programs on the QuickRestore disk that the person would like to use, and the QuickRestore disk makes it easy for the person to restore the system if the system crashes.
my neighbor has a compaq 5461. His hard drive failed too. Compaq replaced the drive with a 20GB. Was a 10GB. Anyways they didn't install anything on it. So being a good neighbor, I had to fix it, but I ended up with the same problem you did. I just fdisked and format /s and then the quick restore cd worked and the full size of the hard drive is being used.

But you have probably already tried that. It worked for me. I don't think the quick restore cd complains if the drive is larger than 10GB. If it does, then just create 2 10GB partitions and then try it. It also shouldn't complain about having a different hard drive either.

I haven't come across a compaq hard drive that has ez drive installed on it or some other proprietary paritioning format, but maybe the restore cd requires that..

Oh an watch out for your power supply to go out in the 5461 too.

However with the quick restore disk, it is easy to get all the drivers off of it unlike hp restore disks. Just make a custom Cd with just the win98 setup files and the drivers.
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I will try to format and put the system files on the drive. I was wonder if the drive for your friends computer, came from compaq, and if it did I wonder if it had a hidden partition?

I talk to a guy that does warranty work for compaq, and he said he takes the hard disk right out of the package, and boots from the Restore disk, and he has no problem. He does not even fdisk the drive, the restore disk does it all. But he is using drives that come from compaq.

I had this same problem in another compaq computer, never was able to restore with the restore disk. I had to fdisk and load windows from the orginal Win98 CD.

Thanks again, I will try to fdisk and put just the system files on the drive, then boot from the restore disk
the replacement drive was 10GB larger than other, different brand and came from compaq. I don't think it had any hidden partitions on it because the drive formatted to the space of the drive specifications.

you shouldn't have a problem. The drives that come in compaqs are just standard drives like maxot or WD or seagate.

Should be nothing different good luck.
Your problem is you can't use the Restore CD with a new HD. You have to have ALL the original hardware that the computer came with, including the HD for two reasons... (1) the restore cd contains the drivers for the old hardware and not the new hardware, and (2) they don't want you using the Restore CD with any other computer then the one it is meant for, (which is a compaq 5461) so by having a new HD in, it thinks it isn't a Compaq 5461. So, if the old HD failed, then there is no way to use the restore cd... sorry. :( As long as your friend owned a windows license before, (which he/she does since windows was on his/her computer before) then I feel you are justfied to install the same copy of 98 onto a second computer. :)
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