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Are you wanting to turn it off fully, or replace it with one of your own? If its the latter, I have found out via Newsgroups that this may work.

Go to Find Files and look for strtlogo.oem That is your startup logo screen. Change it to logo.old and put a suitable sized and rez pic there and called it logo.sys

However, I assume that if you want to fully remove it, take a look at this:

To stop the Compaq Splash Screen from loading upon startup, perform the

1. Run SYSEDIT as described above.

2. Click on the bar that says 'C:\Config.sys' to bring it to the front.

3. Locate the line that reads 'DEVICE=C:\Compaq\Support\dfilter.sys'.

4. Insert a remark command in front of this line so that it reads:

'REM DEVICE=C:\Compaq\Support\dfilter.sys'

5. Click on FILE, then SAVE. Then, click on FILE, then EXIT.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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