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OS: Windows 98SE

Ok this is a really annoying problem that I've had for well over a year now. Firstly I never had this problem to begin with, but one night it just started to happen and carried on every night from then on.

For some reason everynight as soon as my computers clock strikes (00:00) midnight, my computer self boots itself up.

It doesnt really do anything apart from booting itself up and loading windows.

The only 2 ways I've been able to stop this is ether

- Pulling out the power cable from the comp


- using a program such as Getright to scheduler it to turn off my comp everynight @ 00:05

But their must be a way for me to stop this from happening.

I've checked and disabled any and all items scheduled on my comp, as well as formating my comp quite a few time making no diffrence.

I've also removed the hd but @ midnight the comp still tries to boot itself up, and some nights I find this quite scary (esp the first few nights)

I cant find anything on bios relating to this problem, but then again I wouldnt really know what to look for.

plz help

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