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Comp Help "rnaapp"

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Ok Lets take it from the top I have gotten several problems all in the corse of a day.

1) When i tryed to turn on my computer i recieved the message on a black screen "no boot record found system haulted". After several times of letting it rest and then re starting i finally was able to get into windows.

2) When i got past that and the noraml black boot screen came up the error messages came up "To Many Parameters" And "ERROR: Cannot import c:\link.reg: File not found". Then after about 10 seconds it dissapers and windows starts normally. This happends now everytime i start my computer.

3) When i got past that and i get into my computer it runs very odd. The computer Semi-Freezes for about 30 seconds every so often. It usually happens when I move my mouse to fast or open a folder or program.

3) When I tryed to connect to the internet ( I am on 56k Wallmart Connect) i Received the error message "Port is invalid or Busy".

4) I opened my task list manager and noticed a program running that i had never before seen called "rnaapp". If i end task on this program it reappears everytime i restart.

5) When i end task on "rnaapp" the freezing stops and i am able to connect to the internet. But once i connect to the internet "rnaapp" re appears in the task list and the freezing starts again. If i try to end task on "rnaapp" while connected to the internet i am disconnected and receieve the error message "WMM has caused an illegal operation and must be shut down"

My virus definitions are up to date and it does not detect any virusus or spyware. I am totally clueless as to what is happening and it is keeping me from using my computer properly. Any Help on fixing this would be appreciated.


my email adress is [email protected]
If any help can be given i would appreicate if possible it can be sent there.
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RNAAPP will appear in the Close Program window when your 56K dial-up connection is active. If you End Task it, your connection will be cut off.
A little bit of information for you to go on,will look for more

rnaapp - rnaapp.exe - Process Information
Process File: rnaapp or rnaapp.exe
Process Name: Windows Modem Connection
Description: Windows Dial-Up Networking application that handles dial-up modem connections. RNAAPP only appears in your Task List if your computer tries or tried to dial out at some stage or if the computer is waiting for an in-bound connection using Dial-Up Networking.
Company: Microsoft Corp.
System Process: Yes
Security Risk ( Virus/Trojan/Worm/Adware/Spyware ): No
Common Errors: N/A
What OS are you running, and what are the computer specs?
Windows 98SE
Dial Up 56k- Walmart Connect
Probaly a dialer virus. Get the latest virus defs and do a full scan. If you AV software is Norton I would try to run a free one off the internet. Try housecall at TrenMicro's web site.
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