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Come Fly The Friendly Skies....

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I guess it is back to politics as usual .... I still ponder why they don't learn from the events of September 11th....or the fiasco last night at JFK Int'l in New York....perhaps if they took a long hard look at why El Al Airlines is the most secure in the WORLD... but no .... we all know it's about union jobs & $'s....and that they have the average airline passenger citizen's best interest in mind....One day I plan to go back to preschool & see if I can graduate this time....

Bush's Approach on Plane Security Chosen by House

77 percent of Americans....
On the cheap. For public consumption, conservatives prefer not to dwell on the political matter of unions, for obvious reasons. Instead, they argue that Israel, with its good airport security, does not use the federal model. But Senate Commerce Committee sources say that is not always true: Baggage and passenger screeners at El Al airlines, for instance, are government employees. Private companies provide the perimeter airport security.
After all, 77 percent of Americans want to put the government in charge of airport security. They're not complaining about big government anymore; they're worried about big airports. And they also remember that the firefighters and police officers and postal workers were good citizens. And union members, too.
From A Different Source......Private ownership and private management are the keys to El Al's economic future, its executives say, taking their cue from dozens of other state airlines that have been converted into commercial enterprises in recent years. But El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. is no ordinary airline, and selling it is no ordinary marketing challenge.Its history as a terrorist target has made it perhaps the most security-conscious carrier in the world. Every flight has its own undercover armed guard. Nearly every pilot is a former Israeli Air Force officer.

At home and abroad, baggage inspections and pre-flight security checks are carried out in deadly earnest, with the company's own state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained personnel. New aircraft are fitted at company hangars with classified Israeli security hardware.
Any takers?
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I was thinking that LAX to NY non-stop $159.00 round trip was a bit cheap but I didn't know they was still cutting corners. ;-)
........frankly I now think serving alcoholic beverages on all flights might not be such a bad idea after all.

I dont think you can Greyhound LA to NY that cheap can 'ya?........
'less you take to having to cross any bridges on the way there.

"One day I plan to go back to preschool & see if I can graduate this time.... "

........all classes booked until further notice. Teachers need union support as they are underpaid.........ya tend to get a demand for good teachers and a supply that is limited due to the pay.

Get back to "normal" spend more money play more lotto and fund the schools..... they need it.............drink more alcohol if you must fly.

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Dark Star: BRIDGE over troubled waters.....Info Here ... Will you be travelling first class? ... Or ONE WAY?

No Soup For You!

Thanx for the info and the "Bridge over troubled waters" link...

"Standard 1

..............I'll be flying coach and looking for the First Class free upgrade due to the recent events at your end, I may even get to know the sky marshall on board as it appears at this time there is not many taking advantage of these unbelieabably cheap air fares.

...............It's still cheaper to book round trip than it is to book one way x 2.....although these guys have just redefined "on a wing a prayer for most of us"

................The friendly skies just got friendlier, I'll have to e-mail you my reservation info including the hopeful departure time and the even more hopefully uneventful scheduled time of arrival.

btw, I see you've chosen to park your American made tank for the time..........will you be using it to pick me up at JFK?
I'd like to ride in the turret if at all possible.

note: I'll e-mail you because I've had issues with the Verizon folks as of's far more than just those damned soda dispensing machines.

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Dark Star..I didn't park the tank!....The last I saw it ... I had it in pieces & was taking thru the security check points at JFK....Not to worry....The Republicans have a "tight handle" on this situation....just stay away from the bridges out your way on your ride to the airport....don't open any mail either.... Other than that...Continue to live your life in the same manner as usual.... response to your email...the reason you don't see the VP anymore is because he is in a bunker running the country.... the other guy is expendable....
Dark Star, you're coming to New York?

Don't worry, if JewishHeritage has his tank in pieces and can't make it to JFK airport then let me know because it's only five minutes away from my house.
Hello LadyLisa,

Wow, are you serious?
..........You'd be willing to pick me up at JFK?

Geoffrey, don't fret too much with getting your tank thru security to give me a lift from the airport. I'll be sure to call you once I get in.

.........LadyLisa you are single right? I'll send you a PM with my flight info. :)

Dark Star
send me the details and I'll pick you up, it's no problem as it's so close by.

Btw, let me know if you need a place to stay, I may be able to help you out.
Dark Star....according to LadyLisa....


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Thanks for the PM and the confirmation that's what I needed to know ;)
New York hospitality is alive and well indeed. :)


I'm really gonna try to call you at some point while I'm there. Thank you also for your extension of hospitality, you are truly a good friend, but I'm sure you understand. ;)

Dark Star....No problem....If you have a layover in Arizona....AZ said you can visit him & see his art collection...I think his brother Rturtle lives next door...:)

I am NOT clicking on that button.......:p

What does Windaz know anyway?

Dark Star,
you're welcome. I know you'll have a great time while you're here in NY and I am glad I could help you out with the accomodation
Dark Star & LadyLisa....This site is rated GP....please continue to post your conversations a "GETTING PERSONAL" fashion...Thank You!

AZ and I haven't had much to say to one another since the days of .................."Does time really exist?"

That may have been a little before you joined us here, and it became the thread from hell. :mad:

I do look forward to meeting you Geoffrey as I consider you a good friend.


We best stick to PMs, Geoffrey is right we do have a WORLD community here.........Oops!

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Dark Star...You still need that ride?


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LOL......That has such a determined look to it.....

Traffic?.................... What traffic?

If you're headed west, gasoline is down to $1.21 gal. reg here, I know you run diesel, but it's in the same price range also I think I saw it at $1.34 gal.

I suppose were using so dang much oil "over there" that the prices here is dropped off considerably.
Happens any time we are in an extended conflict during the Vietnam era it was really cheap and stayed that way during our efforts there. This of course made LBJ a couple of bucks too, but that is another thread.

Dark Star....Think we can get Camero to tune this fuel hog up?
I haven't seen her around....did you scare her off...?
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!
Originally posted by JewisHeritage


the reason you don't see the VP anymore is because he is in a bunker running the country.... the other guy is expendable....
I asked the same question some time back: why is Cheney the one who is secure and Bush-Powell are all over the map?
Cheney was (is) a plant by some unknown forces (we may never find out just who), who is determined to take over this country by political or military fiat while Bush plays at war-making.
Puttting soldiers in the streets and airports was step one.
Step two was this Anthrax BS.

ANSWER ME THIS: how in hell can Anthrax show up in the "secure" places it has and does when ordinary folks, lets not even consider brown-skinned Arabs, can't or couldn't get into if their life depended on it: like CIA headquarters? Or White House Mail facilities? How can Arabs beat the strictest security protocols in the past 50 years?
Help me understand how places not frequented by ordinary folks are coming up with Anthrax?
Make me understand how this is happening?
Make me understand that of the three hundred million shots that were just ordered, poor people will get their Anthrax shots in time? African-Amricans? People living in Appalachia?
People living in the "Inner Cities"?
Yeah, right!

Watch out! Cheney and his boys are running (and playing) loose these days.
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