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how can I change the color to 256 when I go in there it only has 2 color or 16
I have a gateway 400 windows98
thank you
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Hi you will need to update your Video drivers.
While in Display Properties>click on settings>Advanced.
Is your Video card listed?
yeah and when I click update it is saying its the best for the driver
but I know it used to have 256 color and the images are not the perfect picture
Hi what driver is listed?
You have moved the slider in Display Properties to the right?
okay it says standard pci graphics adapter(VGA)
chip type:mono memory 64k software version:4.0 current files vga.drv vdd
then in the screen area it has less more its by the less and its suppose to be in the middle and it won't let me move it.
Thank you
Hi d/load Everest.
Under Computer>Summary look for your video adapter in the Display section.
Then you will need to update the drivers.
Problem SOLVED Thank you so much...
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