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Cmos And Bios

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I have a Compaq Presario Running windows 7 Home premium i change the operating system some times to i changed it to windows 7 this time anyways everything was working just fine windows 7 would start up normally and everything but i did have a problem with the bios or cmos one day i just turned it on and now the screen doesnt show up anything the computer turns on and stuff but still no display i have messed with the bios and cmos before i think i messed it up to cause it not to display anything on the screen the mother bored is not fried i took out the ram from the computer and made the beeping noises so i just think its really the bios and cmos
the Model-CQ5500F
Mother bored is M2N68-LA
its has 4GB of ram
its a 64Bit


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There's a Clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard on the motherboard that you can move to reset the CMOS and clear any BIOS settings.

Since you appear to have a video card, have you removed the video card and connected the monitor to the integrated graphics?
Compaq Presario CQ5500F Desktop PC
It originally came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

If you go here, then scroll down the page, then click the + in
Clearing the BIOS settings
there will be pictorial instructions on how to clear the CMOS.

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