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Dear Sir,

Pls take a look the description as below:

Cisco Equipment
2 x 3560 switchs (Core Switch)
4 x 2960 switchs

- VLAN10 (server vlan)
- VLAN20 (User vlan)
- VLAN60 (Wireless vlan)

In the second vlan, a DHCP relay is setup on switch in order to redirect DHCP request to DHCP server that is located in VLAN10.

I have 6 cisco switchs and setup 3 VLANs on it. Now, I want to add one more dhcp server IP address to the user vlan for redundant's use in case of the current dhcp server broken down, as I am not familiar with cisco command, can anyone provide the code as:

1. What is the command to show current IP helper-address?
2. What is the command to add one more DHCP server IP address to VLAN20 for redundancy?
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