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church directory

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I read the questions already posted regarding a church directory. I have volunteered
to work on a church directory and want very much to have the computer do all my work
for me. I need to know what application would let me import member photos and let
me enter membership information (names, ages date of birth, anniversary date, occupation).
I have Window's 2000 with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Can you lead me in the right
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A lot would depend on what you do with the directory. If it is just storage you could put it in WORD.... perhaps in tables.

If you need to manipulate the data in the future you may consider EXCEL. You could create a list of all the data and could shuffle it as you like at any time ..... Looking for everyone with a birthday this month..... looking for everyone under 21... etc. You could also have a separate DISPLAY or PRINT OUT sheets that would show & print any given person and their data and photo in a standard form.

Access would be nice but you don't have it and it may be more than you want to mess with for a directory list.

DREAMBOAT probably already has something cooked up and sitting on the shelf that fits the bill. But she must be sleeping this afternoon.


- Castleheart
Yeah, sure, CH....


Question before I begin my dissertation:

How many copies of this thing are actually printed?
One more question!

How big are these picture files?? Do you have an average size?

Ohhhh!! You don't have MS Access??
That is what I'm hoping to tell you to use.
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