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Chrome on Android: Reverting to simple list of open tabs

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Up until this morning when I tapped the box showing the number of open tabs in Chrome I would get a simple list of the page titles and their URLs. If I had a lot of open tabs, I could scroll the list vertically to see and them all. Now, all of a sudden, I see up to six thumbnails of the pages in a 2x3 grid. The grid scrolls up and down if more than six tabs are open. How do I go back to just using the simple text list?

I suspect that this may have been due to some kind of Android update as some of my other settings have changed, such as auto-rotation of the screen views getting disabled.

Chrome Version: 110.0.5481.154
OS: Android 12; moto g power (2022) Build/ S3RQS32.20-42-10-3-1
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I don't use chrome often so I'm not sure if this applies. I assume you now have a grid and want card based.
EDIT: Hold on. I only tried the first suggestion I found on the page. I did not see that the writer said it didn't work and gave a new method. I am about to try it now.

Thank you for the link, but the suggested fix didn't give me my desired old view. Here is what I get after making the suggested change and opening a second tab for the TSG site:

Communication Device Font Screenshot Gadget Technology

I found an on-line screencap of an example of the tabs list layout that I had before and I would really like to get back:

Font Terrestrial plant Screenshot Number Circle
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I fired up chrome and got that grid thing. Since I don't use chrome, I don't know if I ever had that list with urls.
I also don't surf much on my phone. I checked Brave and of course, it is the same as Chrome with the pictures.
I fired up Samsung browser. It has a picture BUT it also lists the url.

So I will see if there is a fix for Brave on android, which will probably work on Chrome.

In the meantime, you might want to try Samsung's browser; you don't have to own a Samsung device to use it. I have an internet friend who uses it on his non-Samsung tablet because it is fast.

I found this for Brave
Go to settings → Accessibility → Simplified view for open tabs → Toggle it on.
The person said, I have nothing like that.

Since I didn't have that, I tried this:
Settings, Accessibility, Simplified view for web pages

Here's what I see: when I tap on Tabs, I get the grid view.
When I tap on bookmarks, then mobile bookmarks, I get urls.
When I click on History, I get the urls.

So, I suspect avoid tapping on tabs to see urls.

I'll keep searching.
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