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Choppy DVD Playback

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Trying to figure out how to fix this on relative's computer. Its WinXP, AMD Duron Processor 900 Mhz with all updates to Direct_X. DVD playback is horrible--CPU goes to 100%, but I endtasked a lot of stuff--its got 256K RAM. Does it need more RAM?
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Take a look here about playback problems relating to Windows accessing drives in PIO instead of DMA mode and how to switch to DMA mode

Are you sure that the PC has 256 KB (kilobytes) of RAM and not 256 MB (megabytes). Even at 256 MB, idowindows' suggestion of adding more memory could help playback as well. Not sure if you need to go to 1GB though.
Mulder said:
The drives are set to DMA if available. Doesn't that mean its DMA!

What does the "Current Transfer Mode" box say for each device? It should be right under the box that is saying "DMA if available."
JohnWill said:
DMA Reverts to PIO should provide a solution if it's stuck in PIO mode.
That link kinda looks familiar. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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