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choosing FAT32 vs NFTS for Hard drive?

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Hi..I wanted to buy an external USB hard drive strictly for storage, so just for holding music and video files etc, no programs. Which is the better option for me then, FAT or NFTS? Also, should I have the company that I buy the hard drive from format it for me in FAT or NFTS (for $10) or save myself the money and do it myself, if it's not too complicated? thanks
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rmay635703 said:
I have heard of file size limitations on FAT32 but I've never hit them, what is it 12gb? I have a 12gb file sitting on my fat32 drive now.
I'm afraid I'd have to see that, since FAT32 has an absolute maximum file size of 4 gigabytes, and that's only when it has 64kb clusters. There is no way you have a 12gig single file on a FAT32 formatted volume. For your reading enjoyment, here's Microsoft's Comparison NTFS, FAT16, FAT32.
obvious said:
no chance buttie, that's fat16 with the 4gb limitation. and that's a 16 bit filing system that only works with win 95 (both) win98 and *i think* win ME
Actually, FAT16 has a logical drive limitation of 2 gigabytes, so I doubt it supports a 4 gigabyte file! See my earlier response for a comparison of NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32.
My bet is the file system that this is stored on is an NTFS filesystem, since there is absolutely no way that a 12 gigabyte files lives on a FAT32 formatted volume.

Remember, it's not what you imaged, it's where you stored the file. Just because the image is of a FAT32 volume, that doesn't mean it's the GHOST image file is stored on a FAT32 volume.

Like I said, this really isn't something I made up, the design of FAT32 simply will not allow a file of larger than 4 gigabytes to be created, it's as simple as that.

Why don't you right click on the C: drive in My Computer and select Properties for that disk you posted the image of. I'll faint dead away if it does not say NTFS. :)
AcaCandy said:
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