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choosing FAT32 vs NFTS for Hard drive?

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Hi..I wanted to buy an external USB hard drive strictly for storage, so just for holding music and video files etc, no programs. Which is the better option for me then, FAT or NFTS? Also, should I have the company that I buy the hard drive from format it for me in FAT or NFTS (for $10) or save myself the money and do it myself, if it's not too complicated? thanks
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No question about it, the NTFS is much better for most appllications. Also, the format process is the same as the previous responder quoted or you can just go to My computer, right click on the drive if it recognizes the drive and select format. Save your money and do it yourself.
Hi again berndawg84,

Unfortunately somel people in here have bad information and have resorted to conduct (thanks to an alert moderator for taking care of one of those problems) that is not conducive of providing you with good advice.
You need to take a read of the Johnwill reference and I can assure you that his advice and information is correct. The amount lost with NTFS is so small it is not worth even discussing.

I think if you really want to know what is best to use, then ask a tech who works with this information each and every day and has to confront the problems for using either Fat32 or NTFS. Rest assured that your decision will be easy after doing that.

I do work with and personally know many techs and I don't know one that still uses Fat32 with the WinXP or Win2K platforms. I am not saying there are not some out there, but they are very few and far between. My advice is still the same and NTFS is as good as it gets with the two platforms I mentioned.

Read though the article, sort through all the BS and make an informed decision for you. Good Luck!
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