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Chili Pepper Maze

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Do you think you have what it takes to make it through?
Do you have the guts to even try?
Do you have an inordinate amount of time to kill?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then it sounds like you need to enter the Chili Pepper Maze. :D:p:D
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couldn't get it beyond screen 40/41.

i really must get a life..... or a day job!!!!

Quite maddening, I must say! There's no obviously apparent logic to the order one should follow (at least that I can find). I sent the link to my kids, they're much smarter than I. :)
I got lost as well. I think I will send to my boss (distraction so I can get some work done).:p
Okay, I got all the way up to:

"What happened here? Is the chili pepper even on this page?
Yeah, it's hiding out somewhere.

.......Then I could only find the phone on the left hand side of the page.

..........Interesting though when you right click on the little box where the phone is hidding the properties shows it to be chilly pepper gif.

hewee, I need a new mouse now I clicked this one to death. ;)

i got a phone then it said i better call some one coz i'm lost....then what?
lol oic god it's annoying. think i'll go get a life now.
Somebody on another board just got to the end. Wanna cheat? Go here:

Just type numbers till it says you made it! :D
That was me that got it sysco
And I know the number too :D
132 comes from
#magic number# comes from
125 comes from
143 comes from

Had to do something. Those bullies over in the Random Discussion forum were calling me ignorant again.

oh, wait, this is the random discussion forum... wait, how'd I get in here?
hold CTRL and A on every page it will give you a choice of peppers or just a red box to click on.

lol oh sure ruin the fun for know i'll cheat now. lol
You guys, I can't believe you.........

Yes, all of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves cheating and all..........bad, bad boys and girls.....

.....errr, what was that about ctrl-Alt-Delete ;)

Dark Star...Don't do it! It's a trap...I 'll take the long route & help you...
Nasy, Heewee... really nasty :D
IM TRAPPPPPPPPED!!!!! LOL check this out!
same page over and over
I get lost there. Made it to 98 but I still can't make it to the end.:(

It's no easy to do.

Dark Star you should of RED the find print.
But you need to find it too.:D


Yep it a real pain it the a-- is it not.

So Gibble you really made it to the end.
Great to hear because from the list here not many have made it to the "ChiliFame".

I don't see any new names there.
The last one there was dated March 13, 1999.
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Well of course I cheated. I was just the first to figure out how :p
Then I took the time to map it out on paper...and I came to the conclusion that the maze is impossible.
I mean like you guys cheated .............BUT I don't see your names in here:

Or is it like when you use a "cheat cheat" for the test and you finished it and all but the teacher hasn't graded YOUR test yet?

Or is it like you can't figure out a hack into the final test score "A"
page where you get to post it with a little gold star next to your name?

Well I'm sure I could do it, but I just didn't wanna show you all up and make you feel bad...............yeah right! LOL

Dark Star, to get on the Wall of Fame, you have to email the puzzle's creator, that's why Gibble's not there yet.

Plus, even when you get to the end the creator says "By some miracle, or most likely you have cheated" you have won. Those of us who cheated are unlikely to send an email! :)
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