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Cheapest way to go online with 2 computers simultanuously? Help!

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Hi everyone,
I have the following set up:
I have a WinXP Home laptop with an ethernet card and a WinXP/Win98SE PC which I want to connect in such a way that I can go on the internet with both of them at the same time.
I was told that all I would need is an ethernet card for my PC. Then I connect the two computers in a network and adjust the settings in the laptop to use the internet-connection connected to the PC and I´m ready to go.
But some people are telling me I need a router or something like that. Obviously that would cost a bit of money and I would prefer the cheapest sollution. I would not be sharing any files or printers in the network, just the internet connection.

Any opinions on this?

Oh by the way, the internet connection is a cable DSL modem with a USB and an ethernet connection.

Thanks in advance.
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The cheapest would be ICS because you already get that built-in to Windows XP. But it is not the easiest, has loads of disadvantages and no-one in their right mind would advise anyone to take ICS in preference to a router.

I don't know the modem model you have but generally you cannot use the Ethernet port to connect to one PC and the USB to another (in any case the modem cannot share the connection). I would always opt to use the Ethernet port (it's a comms port and designed and built to handle comms and the USB port is not).

As you already have an ADSL modem you just need to find a router with an Ethernet port. There are heaps. You'll get internet connection sharing (and file and printer networking is just there as a given). Each PC you want to connect needs an Ethernet card (or yo can go wireless of course, but if price is an issue then don't bother).

Try for example to find the cheapest router. Or has routers starting at £25. Something basic will be fine. For that price ICS is just not worth the graft.
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