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Cheapest way to go online with 2 computers simultanuously? Help!

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Hi everyone,
I have the following set up:
I have a WinXP Home laptop with an ethernet card and a WinXP/Win98SE PC which I want to connect in such a way that I can go on the internet with both of them at the same time.
I was told that all I would need is an ethernet card for my PC. Then I connect the two computers in a network and adjust the settings in the laptop to use the internet-connection connected to the PC and I´m ready to go.
But some people are telling me I need a router or something like that. Obviously that would cost a bit of money and I would prefer the cheapest sollution. I would not be sharing any files or printers in the network, just the internet connection.

Any opinions on this?

Oh by the way, the internet connection is a cable DSL modem with a USB and an ethernet connection.

Thanks in advance.
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I was told not to bother trying to connect one computer to the ethernet port and the other to the usb port, how mean :(
Thanks very much for your answers guys. When I decide what to do I'll say it here... in case anyone cares lol. Once again, thanks :)
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