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Cheap memory - was a tip, now a review

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a 256Mb 168pin PC133 DIMM memory stick from Crucial UK. I'd seen an ad in an independent PC magazine for very cheap 128Mb strips, but as my PC only has 2 slots, and both were filled with 128Mb strips, I decided (with a little help from Dark Star and Davey7549) to check out the 256Mb.
The price was, again very cheap - £22.49 plus about £3.50 postage. I'd recently paid £27.00 to get a 128Mb strip from an auction site and thought I'd got a good deal!

Anyway, I ordered the strip at 10.30pm on Friday evening, and the strip arrived on Monday a.m., with good protective packaging.

I understand that you can enter your PC spec at the website and it will tell you what kind of memory you need. If your spec is not listed, they will send you the nearest match, and if it's no use, they'll refund you.
The UK site is
I guess the US site is the same minus the "/uk".

The basic costs for PC133 are as follows (these include a discount for using the website to order:

64Mb - from £8.09
128Mb - £13.49
256Mb - £22.49
512Mb - from £43.19
1Gb - £138.59

Add approx £3.50 postage.

I don't like advertising companies (especially if they'tre not paying me to do it!), but this was such a good deal, I thought I'd share it with y'all.

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I just bought 640meg of pc133 cl2 for less than $100. gotta buy it when the price is down. I remember when I built this machine a 128meg stick cost me $165

I buy all memory from crucial, takes the middleman out and as you say, good product.
Hey BrianF, why is it that everyone recommends Crucial memory? :confused:

I bought Kingston memory for my SGC and have had no problems* that I know about!


*-with my memory, not my computer as a whole! :D
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Either or I guess, I have had some Kingston also, Actually I have a Kingston 256meg pc133 dimm now that I don't have a home for :), rebate deal.

I started buying from crucial years ago, always been satisfied.
This is a comment we can all agree on........

I can't see the price of memory going down any lower.

I just came back from a computer fair (after buying myself a canny new graphics card) and saw the cheapest memory yet (in the UK).
The fair was made up of about 100 small businesses and a handful of dodgy characters.
Amongst the bargains were:

256Mb PC133 - £19.00 ($27.28)
512Mb PC133 - £35.00 ($50.25)

So, I guess we haven't seen the end of the memory price slide...

Yeah, but I don't think we can really count those, can we?
I mean I saw a plastic baggie suffed full of RAM every type and flavour at the swap meet for $15.00 US I gave the guy $10.00 US
and I have them here.

Hang on here they are I've got 4 Century (tall ones) a group maybee 10 or so that have a sticky label marked Unitel 02-02-98
and like 10 or so more that say made in USA.
a few other ones maybe a total of 30-35 total.........

So what is that about .050 cents each? I suppose I just got them just because, but I don't know they're out on my desk now so I'll look at em closer, who knows?
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