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changing HD and "poof"

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Firstly, got larger hard drive. Tried to install it, used norton ghost, everything seemed fine. Then, noticed that HD only showed 8g instead of 40. Tried: fdisk, fat32, and lba mode, still nothing. But the icing on the cake is that after checking the HD and putting it back, "poof". I turned the computer on and nothing happened. I mean, they say that things occur in threes, well whats going to happen next.
Anyway, when I turn it on I get: Black screen with a green light, the HD spins for about 3 to 4 seconds then stops, nothing after that.
I'm hoping that my MB didn't go out. Please give me any suggestions on how to get it going again
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Going by the 'look at the last thing you did' theory, try disconnecting the new hard drive, setting up ide devices in the bios, and booting from a startup disk or other boot disk. If that works, the problem is with the new hard drive, if it doesnt, there is something else wrong. The 8meg thing is a bios issue, it cant recognize a larger drive, the answer there is to install a bios overlay program (available from the drive manufacturer) or upgrade the bios of the motherboard (does not always address this problem) Let us know what happens, and we'll go from there

Yeah, as far as the HD bios problem, not that big of a problem.

Tried many things when computer blacked-out:
- took out old HD and reconnected the old one, still nothing
- unpluged everything and reconnected, still nothing

Didn't touch anything but the HD, didn't hear any zaps or clicks, nothing. Might try to see if MB is secure?
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