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Changing Drive Letters

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The company who setup a computer assigned the primary hard drive with the letter F:. This is pretty annoying so I went to disk management and went to change the driver letter and tells me it cannot because it is a system or boot volume. Is there any way to get around this or am I stuck??? Thank you!!
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Sounds like you have an internal ZIP drive? . . this is a little quirk with XP, if it encounters an internal ZIP (or other removable drive) it will assign C to the ZIP and move down the chain to install the operating system. Annoying as hell.

You can change all drive assignments in XP EXCEPT, the one with the operating system on it.

The only remedy I have found is to reinstall XP, with all other internal drives disconnected.

Good Luck . . wrs
TweakXP form Totalidea software, allows you to change ANY drive letter in XP. I've been using tweakxp for a couple of years, has a ton of tweaks for winxp... free to try.
While it is possible to change a system drive letter in win2k or xp, it can lead to problems. When an app is installed, it will install file to the program folder and the winnt or winnt/system32 folder. The app will look for .dll files in F:\windows or F:\windows\system32 folder. You have changed the system letter to C; the app will not run unless you reinstall the app.

The best way to handle this task is to backup what you want to keep and do a clean install. If you have a zip drive, digital camera, or other external storage devices; leave them disconnected until you finish the install.
As I said, tweakxp lets you change the drive letter...

It maps out all your drive letter references after the change... worked slick as shiat for me...
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