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Changed drives & now won't boot

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I couldn't find a problem like mine on the forum, so thought I'd post this. I have computer#1 that kept rebooting itself, so I took the drive out & put it as a secondary drive in computer#2 & works fine. But when I change the jumpers & try to make it Primary (and the only drive), it won't boot into windows. I just get the option screen & no safe modes work. The jumpers are the same as when it worded in C#1 as primary. I changed the CMOS battery & reset. Unplugged everything except drive at end of primary ribbon. Drive search all AUTO. AMD K7S5A Athlon XP 1800+ & IBM Deskstar 41.4GB 7200RPM MOD IC35L040AVVA07-0.
What am I missing?
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Why not just put it back in to original pc and do XP Repair...that will keep data and files and only make you re do any added Windows Service packs and updates.
Bear in mind if the drive is old and still would not boot but can be seen as a secondary drive, it could also be the drive is dying. It takes a lot more to boot than to read.
bernardus said:
If you have tried to use the drive of another system it will corrupt the drives info.
You can't change a drive wich is adapted to a system and use the same settings.
But the drive should be detected in the BIOS. Perhaps the Bootup record is damaged if you're lucky. Windows repair is almost a garantuee for disaster, after repair it won't boot.

I'm sorry, what you say is all totally untrue....
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