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Sorry I am new to this system "of exchanging information’s" so maybe I ignored someone in my past question. I apologise for it.
Here is my problem;

I would like to set my RAM Frequency from the Default 100MHz to 133MHz for my new CPU; AMD Duron 900MHz with 200MHz FSB but for every manual setting that I have tried other than the default one the computer won’t start. I only get to short beeps and the screen never comes to life.

I use Win 98SE with the latest motherboard BIOS upgrade from Gigabyte for my
GA-7ZXR rev.3x motherboard “SoA VIA Apollo KT133A ATX A R” with one PC133 128Mb SDRAM and a Hercules Prophet II 3D MX 32Mb RAM AGP.

Can you please give me a table with this settings in place:
System Bus Speed SW1: (CPU Freq.) = ?
CPU Over Voltage Tage (SW3) = ?
Memory Over Voltage (SW4) = ?
AGP Over Voltage (SW5) = ?
CPU Ratio (SW6) = ?
Yours sincerely,
Mike Trestianu
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