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Celuron or Pentium???

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I would like opinions from people on a celuron processor verus a pentium for a computer that will be used by a family member mainly for surfing the web and a small amount of word processing. They do not want to overspend but don't want a machine that will not perform for them. Thanks
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Hi bh102444, Welcome to TSG!

Of course the pentium is the better processor and would be easy to recommend. However, if your family member truly only uses the pc for web surfing and little word processing, then the higher horse power of the pentium isn't necessary. However, if this family member becomes interested in what more they can do with the pc and then develops other interests such as games or digital photography, then they will quickly rue the day they saved $$$ on the processor.

Let me add, AMD Athlon processors are less expensive than Pentiums and way better alternative than opting for a celeron.

My 2 cents! :)
I'll also root for the Athlons. I'd avoid a Celeron...
I don't know if you keep up with automobile racing (I don't); but, it is a well-known fact that the horsepower and speeds of racecars has outdone the capabilities of the tracks. To solve this problem, the racing associations require restrictor plates to limit the flow of fuel and oxygen to the engines. This slows the car.

Running a Celeron processor is sort of like running a Pentium with a restrictor plate. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would want to buy a 2-GHz Celeron processor that runs like a 1.6-GHz Pentium (or thereabouts).

As for the second-string processors, the Duron Processor is superior to the Celeron. But, still, why not spend the same money you were going to spend on a Celeron and get an Athlon instead. You'll have a faster processor.

Personally, I have never bought a second-string processor and I've been servicing computers for about 7 years. It just doesn't make sense--to me, anyway.
Thanks, You back up what I had heard before but was unsure of.
I am running an AMD atlon xp 1600+ and it easily handles anything I want it to. I do a lot of multitasking with no problem. The other thing is make sure there is enough memory.
If I were building my own inexpensive computer, a Celeron, Duron or Pentium would not be a consideration. You can get an Athlon 1800+ bundled with a decent motherboard for just over a hundred bucks. You run into diminishing returns if you try to go cheaper than that, and an Athlon 1800+ is competent.

But buying something off the shelf is a different story. I presume your agency would have to kill anyone who discovered your location and it has been a kindness to withhold it, but if they currently have you domiciled in the US there are often terrific buys on Celeron based machines. There aren’t any this week, but there are often E-Machines (Gasp!) Celeron based computers complete with a decent 17” monitor, crappy printer and XP Home available for $400 after rebates.

A friend of mine bought a celeron 450 based E-Machines computer 3 or 4 years ago. It got struck by lightening this past summer and he didn’t hesitate to replace it with the newer E-Machines package. In both cases he got all of the rebate checks and the final cost was $400 (without having to subscribe to an overpriced ISP). His use is basically the same as yours and it works fine. There will likely be gobs of these deals in January, and you can’t compete with the price if you need the OS, monitor, printer etc. E-Machines has started selling Athlon based packages but they haven’t been as cheap as the Celerons. Maybe some good deals on Athlon packages will come up in January.
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Too much egg nog slipe?????
I presume your agency would have to kill anyone who discovered your location and it has been a kindness to withhold it, but if they currently have you domiciled in the US
I'm dense today, what the heck is that supposed to mean?
Buy Celeron if you are really broke and not a heavy computer user. You got what a typewriter has plus online :). If you go for celeron get Dell's offer. No point for you to build a celeron machine where it's already so cheap.

Moderate and play some games: Athlon if you know how to cool your computer down. My roomate just burned an Athlon a few months ago, and now he replaced with the same Athlon but that machine is hot. You probably need secondary case fan and upgraded CPU fan. Build this baby yourself. You can do a better job than PC makers outthere with AMD chips

Very rich and cannot find anywhere to spend your money: Pentium 4. This one out of my scope. No comment.
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