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Celeron 900

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I know that if I can get a Celeron 900 Mhz to work in a board that only supports up to 600+ it will only run at 600... but can anyone tell me if it no matter what will work at all, or is there only a chance it will work? I need to know because time is limited... so I can either buy a Celeron 900 for dirt cheap online or buy a PIII that I know will work, but costs more. I don't want to wait a few days only to find that the 900 doesn't work. Can anyone help me?
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Depends on your motherboard

I believe the celery 900 is a 100mhz fsb with a 9 multiplier, it is also coppermine and will reguire the lower voltage.

What motherboard do you have, is it coppermine ready
It is an ASUS CUV266 with the VIA 266 chipset.
Says this under the specifications
Socket 370 for Intel® FCPGA PentiumTM III/Celeron 300MHz ~ 1GHz+
Hummm... didn't see that. The one I read (I think I was going by info from a different site) said PIII 300 Mhz - 1.0+ Ghz, Celeron FCPGA 333-600 Mhz... thanks for catching that. I got an 1000 Celeron earlier today but wanted to return it the moment I bought it, but got it just because it was the only non-P4 or XP cpu in town... but it was $100 so I'm thinking I will order that 900 Mhz off the internet for I think it was $50 or so.

Actually... I'm a bit confused now. I just checked Asus's website (which is the link above) and the only place it talks specific speeds is at the bottom...
Originally printed by ASUSTeK
Feature Summary

Pentium® III 300 ~ 1GHz+ and CeleronTM 333 ~ 600+MHz CPUs
133MHz FSB Support
High-Speed ATA-100 Data Transfer Interface
3Com® LAN NIC Onboard 100/10Mbps
C-Media® 6 Channel Audio
6 USB-Port Support, 5 PCI slots
1 ACR slot for audio/modem adapter
1 AGP Pro slot
3 DDR DIMM slots support up to 3GB PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM
WfM (Modem-Wake-Up) 2.0, DMI 2.0, WOR (Wake-On-Ring), WOL (Wake-on-LAN)
ASUS JumperFree mode and 2Mb or 4Mb Award BIOS with ACPI, Boot Block, SM BIOS, Trend ChipAway Virus (TCAV) & Symbios SCSI BIOS
DarkGreen® power management software: Power-On-Suspend, PCI 2.2 compatible with bus CLKRUN and Dynamic Clock Stop functions
...but if you say 900 or 1000 should work no problem I trust you... I just want to make sure because as I mentioned, I don't want to wait a few days for a cpu that won't work and then have to deal with returns. I would like to have this computer finished and up and running by next wednesday... and the mobo won't come until at least monday... although it should be coming one day air... you never know where I live now. If only I didn't move... I could have found everything I was looking for in one afternoon. Don't take all those computer stores you have for granted. :D Like in Bloomington there is a CompUSA, OfficeDepot and Circuit City sharing the same parking lot... and then the Audio King, BestBuy and Southdale right down the road. Say Brain... do you ever go to that DairyQueen at 50th and Drew near SouthWest Mpls/Edina? A friend of mine just bought that franchise. That place has the worst service ever, (even though they are open late) so hopefully they can change that.

BTW... the Asus's website says that there is a 3Com onboard LAN card, but every website I looked at selling that board made absolutely no mention of it (but didn't say anything like "no LAN")... do you think it is still there? Asus didn't say anything of it being optional.
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Says the lan is optional in the spec's so I doubt you will have it

LAN (Optional)
3Com® 3C920 100/10Mbps LAN Controller
Are you looking at a different page than the one I linked? I don't see anything about it being optional on Asus's site. I was hoping it was standard... but I guess I'll have to go buy one.
SAME PAGE, just click on the specifications link in the upper left corner
Oh... I see now. Damn, looks like I will be needing a LAN card now. :(
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