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cdrw problem in wdws xp

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hey folks,

got another cdrw problem.

os = windows xp, cdrw = norcent 48-12-48

this cd writer is on my kids computer and recently the've been using my computer to burn music cd's and when i asked why, they informed me that their cdrw doesn't recognize music or blank cds any longer.

so started checking anything and everything i could from simple device manager - "this device is working properly"- to opening properties and adjusted settings for the d drive, all to no avail.

i spoke with some local techs @ frye's and another local computer store and they thought that maybe the cdrw was faulty so i removed the "offending" cdrw and replaced it with a creative unit i know works. of course after i had done that i found that i had the same problem with it. the cdrw (both) will read game and info cd's but will not read music cd's or recognize the existence of a loaded blank cd.

by the way- the norcent unit work for probably a year without problem.

i've researched cdrw problems on this site and didn't find one to match mine that had been solved although "andover- 2/27/04" problems seem close to mine.

anyone out there know what i might try to resolve this idiotic problem?

thanks again for everyone's help in the past,

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