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CD-RW will not respond

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my CD burner will not work. Tried everything that hp says to do but no luck. My Directory shows CD drives to be M and N. Have a hp pavilion 8720 cto. Everytime I try copy something to disc, the pop down comes on and says insert disc which I have already done. Tried both M and N and when I cancel the message the drive jumps back on the C drive. Won't stay on M or N. Downloaded a file from hp for the driver but didn't work either. Pulling my hair out over this, as my computer is out of warranty by one day when I discovered this.
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Hi dj55...

The best configuration for a CD-RW would be...
Primary IDE, C: drive (Master)... CD-ROM (Slave)
Secondary IDE, CD-RW (Master)
Keeping the CD-RW on a cable of it's own can go a long way in avoiding problems.

Give that a try and see if it helps.

Good luck :)
foamer......thanks for your reply but couldyou speak to me as a dummy that hasn't got a clue what you're talking about? I was under the impression from most of my friends who use their burner that it was a simple process of click and use. you're terminology went right over my head!! If I can't just click and use it the way that it was sent to me by hp, is the program at fault or is there a problem with the computer. I neglected to say that it was 6 months after I got the computer, before I tried to hook to the 'net only to find that my modem didn't work and had to send it back for repair. Could I have the same problem here?

Thanks, Donna
First thing. Your Burner will be M And it is the Secondary Master. Do not change that. To run the Recovery Disk it has to use the M Drive. I have an HP 8760C
Have you installed any other Burning Software? Hp uses Adaptec (roxio) and that doesn't get along with other programs.
Have you tried the Applications recovery disk to reinstall the Adaptec software?

Please post back all the steps you have taken so that we don't duplicate any advice. Thanks.
i have an hp cd burner 9150i, but i don't have an hp computer so i'm not sure if this will be helpful. i put my burner as slave to the dvd rom only because it's slower. but i also read somewhere that something odd can happen if it's jumpered as master. i can't find where i read this, however. it might even be specific to the amd cpu, but i'm not sure. check here for more specifics. you can use this link to search for whatever model. this burner has pretty much been problem free except for one time when i installed something that sounds similar to audio galaxy media player. when i uninstalled that, i had to reinstall the hp cd software. their support site will have specific instructions for reinstalling.
Thanks for the help, I think that I finally got the problem fixed. I'm not really computer literate, so I feel like this is more of not understanding all the steps to do this. I checked with hp and got a link that gave me more info, and that helped alot. I have Adaptec on my hp and I have also installed a provided roxio upgrade from hp. Hopefully after I get into this some more, then I will be a little better at this. Thank you for all your help!!

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