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cd-r/cd-w conflict

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can you please help, i try to copy audio cd from cd-r to cd-w and get this message 'destination and source are the same' and it will not copy, can anyone help please?
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Hi forty2uk0, welcome to TSG....

Do you have 2 separate units (one cdr and one cdrw) or are you trying to copy a CDR disk onto a CDRW disk?
Thanks for the reply, yes i have 2 seperate units
Then you aren't choosing the cdrw as the destination drive......
sorry if i sound stupid but i think they are both connected together any idea how to sperate them? I can copy of the net ie
What program are you using to copy with?
i am using nero 5, that is when i found out about the problem, it will copy all, except when i put a music cd in the cd-r to make a copy, it says something about having seperate bus connections
sounds like both your devices are on the same ide connection and your trying to do a on the fly burn, nero won't let you, you have to uncheck the on the fly option
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You might try copying first to your hard drive, and from there to your disk. Also, checkout that your slave/master switching set correctly.
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