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CD drive not reading disks

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My CD drive isn't reading disks that are inserted. This is strange, because it was working fine just 10 minutes prior.

When I insert a disk, the LED stays solid green for about 5 seconds, goes out, then the drive ejects the disk. It never reads the disk, nor does the drive icon show the disk in My Computer. Device Manager shows the drive working properly. I tried removing the drive in Device Manager, then restarting for Windows to re-install the drive. Nothing has worked.

There's only one thing that I could think of that may have caused this: Explorer stopped responding two times, and both times I had to restart the computer. (That's another problem that I'm working on.) But, I have no idea why this would have caused the problem.

The computer will not do a System Restore.

Any ideas? Is the drive shot?

OS: Win ME
Explorer: 6.0.28
Drive: Unknown manufacturer
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The 2 incidents are more than likely related. Explorer froze because it was attempting to access your CD-ROM and couldn't. I would suspect the drive has read it's last bit or byte. First, remove it from device manager and shut down. Then try reseating the ribbon cable and reboot.
I wish that it was something as simple as a disconnected ribbon cable.

However, the drive did break. So, I had to break down and buy a new one. :)

(Hopefully that fixed the Explorer-freezing problem too.)

Thanks for the input.
You may want to try cleaning the drive with a can of condensed air. Also you need to do a virus scan as a lot of virus can cause the Windows Explorer to stop working. Let us know hows it goes it. ;P
For your Explorer problem. Go to the Control Panel to Add Remove Programs. Highlight Internet Explorer and click on Add/Remove. After you click on this, a box will give you the option to repair Explorer. It may get rid of some of the problems. Good luck!
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