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capturing web documents

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Can anyone recommend a method of capturing Web documents, with text as text and graphics as graphics? I am talking about multiple pages, not just single screens.

I find the Net a valuable research tool for my work and I often come across documents I would like to transfer to my hard disk for future reference. The original fonts and layout aren?t overwhelmingly important, but the illustrations often contain essential information. Most of the documents I am concerned with contain large amounts of text, so I don?t want to capture that as graphics.

I am using Netscape 6.2 and WordPerfect 9 (plus Word 2000 for some purposes) on Windows XP-home.

regards to all, Vic Joseph
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Thanks for the suggestions, Ed. I downloaded HTTrack Website Copier which seems to have received nothing but enthusiastic reviews, and installed it; but so far I have been unable to get it to work.

Besides, although I might want to download a whole website now and then, really all I want is the page I am looking at - something like select all-copy-paste, but graphics too. There does seem to be a program for dragging graphics from a website into a word processor. Maybe I'll try that next.

It would be nice if Netscape's 'Save As' worked as I think it ought to. When I do succeed in saving a page as HTML, it seems I can only open it again with Netscape; and even then it's often not complete. Is Netscape at fault or am I failing to understand something? On top of that, WordPerfect 9 seems to crash every time I feed it an HTML file. but I suppose that's a WP9 issue. Much the same applies to Internet Explorer (which I try to avoid on principle). That seems to have a 'save as MHTML' option, which does much the same thing as HTTrack Website Copier as far as I can see; once again, I can only open the files (which are huge) with IE.
To sum up, I'm pretty confused about all these programs and I am still looking for something simple that works.
regards, Vic Joseph
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Open a page of the site in IE. Go to Favourites and click on add to favourites.

Before clicking on OK, select the box that reads make available offline. And then click on Customise. Then click on Next.

Then you will find something that reads:
If this favourite contains links to other pages, would you like to make those pages available offline too?

Click on yes and specify the number of links deep that it should save. However be careful here. Even 1 link down may take a lot of time depending on your speed. This way, you can download the entire site alongwith the corresponding pictures.

If you want just one page, click on File > Save As... and save the page. IE will save it alongwith pictures so that next time even if you are not connected, pictures will also come in their respective places.
Have a look here also :

See under Free and Shareware (tabs at top.)

In the past I used a program called Memoweb but could only find it on French websites when doing a Google search.
RSM123, the link that you gave isn't working. Do you have an alternative link?

I just tried that link, and it works for me. Does it still not work?

I tried once again. The link didn't work :(

Vic Joseph said in his earlier post ....
It would be nice if Netscape's 'Save As' worked as I think it ought to. When I do succeed in saving a page as HTML, it seems I can only open it again with Netscape; and even then it's often not complete.
Which version of Netscape are you using? I am using 7.00 and it is saving pages just perfectly alongwith pictures and everything in place. As a matter of fact it does a better job than IE. IE gave a warning in some pages that they cannot be saved correctly and NS7 did a perfect job. I could open the page later in IE also.
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