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CAPTCHA won't show up in any browser

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So I noticed that my computer doesn't show Captcha at all in any site. I tried with multiple browsers.

I also tried turning off my firewall and trying and it didn't work.
I don't have any antivirus installed.

I'm at a loss here, don't know what else to try.
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To start -- are other pictures showing on the sites that have the captcha's - basically all a captcha is , is a random set up pictures.What browser are you using,what security software do you have, and is it all captcha's from any site that has one ?

Ethan Stark
Software Developer
Everything shows perfectly fine except for the captcha, where nothing shows up, it's just the background of the site instead of the usual box

I use Firefox but I tried in Explorer and Chrome, same on all three.
I have Windows Defender and McAfee Security Scan Plus
I tried many sites, even this one, no captcha
Have you started FF with all the addons disabled?
(Help then Restart with Add-ons disabled)
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