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can't view embedded .tif file in word 2002

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i have a word doc. that has an embedded .tif file . when i try to open it i get this error

"the server application, source file, or item cannot be found. make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed."

i have tried it on another system running the same version of word and get the same results .. when i try to open it on an earlier version of word on a different system it opens it ... where is the setting that is not allowing me to open it on my system .. btw i am running win xp and word is sp1


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See here:;en-us;290942&Product=wd2002

My only suggestion is to open it in the earlier version of Word and save to a new name. Cut the picture, then hit Edit-Paste special, as a picture (enhanced metafile is best). Then, try it on the XP machine again.

This may or may not work. But if Word 2002 seems to think this file is associated with some program, then pasting as a picture will "remove" that information from the graphic.
is there a setting or something in word that will take care of this .. what i am getting is a scanned copy of a print .. i get these everyonce in a while and have had the same problem with all of them so far ... what i don't understand is why an older version of word can open these files ...
what it looks like is they created a text box and put some text in then put a file in the text box ...

when i go to the properties of the document and look at the advanced under summary it shows the orgin was word 9.0

i am waiting to get access to the other computer so i can try cutting and pasteing and saving .... but it is just a major hassel to do this everytime that is why i am looking for a fix for this issue

thanks for the input and the help !!!
Scanned copy of a print.....can't you save as JPG? Often smaller in size and more commonly used format.

Are you scanning to multiple-page TIF files? No can do!

"text box"? Sounds more like a frame to me. Click the image, then double-click the border. What dialog comes up? Text box or frame? If frame, hit Remove frame button.

If I'm causing disasters, just email me a copy of the file. [email protected]
it is a text box .... sorry but i can't e-mail the document out because of work regulations ....

a customer sent this to us ... and inserted the text box and then added the .tif file to it (it is just an icon... it is the same on all the computers we have tried this.. even the ones that could open it )
Delete the textbox at least. To do so, cut the picture, then delete the textbox and paste the picture...

Do that when you can SEE the picture, tho.
i tried to delete the text box ... same result ...
i cut the .tif file and pasted in a new document ... same result ...
i cut the .tif file and pasted in paint ... all i got was the icon ...
i cut the .tif file and pasted on desktop ... it tries to save the image ...then just shows up as the icon when i try to open it ...
there must be a setting somewhere in word that is causing this ... would sp2 help ???
Hate to say, but I'd really have to see the doc.
See my # of posts--I keep things strictly confidential.
I don't care if you make a copy and delete all but the TIFs, and send that.
I want to see if it's something with the graphic itself.

Leaving the house now. Back in about 6 hours...

PS: Don't feel bad if you still can't send it. I just won't be able to help, really.

i don't doubt you in being confidential ... but i can't send it ... thanks for the help you offered ....
another thread once said to use MS Word's, 'save as web page' option under the file menu, then images get stored in another folder in the same location as where you save the htm version of the document.

Have u tried this?
yes i tried to save it as a web page .. when i do this it don't allow me to even click on the .tif file ....
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