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Can't uninstall Office 97

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Hi. I cannot uninstall office 97 on my Windows 98 machine. When I go to add remove, it asks for the disk, which I put in, and then will just continue with an install although I want an option to uninstall and everything I read about this says there should be an option to uninstall or "remove all." I have downloaded the office 97 eraser utility but that still needs for everything to be removed first.

When I go through with the install that the disk starts I get a bunch of errors and at the end it says that installation was not completed successfully. I just want to get it off of my computer for now. Can anyone help me?
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Try this out, okay?

1. Fresh reboot.
2. End task on everything EXCEPT Explorer and systray.
3. Don't bother with control panel, just insert CD and let autorun OR hit Start-Run, browse to the CD and double-click setup.exe
4. You should most certainly have 3 options, one of which is Remove all.

It's been a long time since I even used my Office 97 CD, but I'm certain that option is there. It will look like it wants to install, but then you should get those 3 options. Don't stop until you do get them.

Hope it helps. If not, I think we'll really need to know all the error messages you get...
I think there's also a way to uninstall it by doing a custom install and unchecking all the programs... works for office 2000 anyway!
No dice man. There just doesn't seem to be any way to uninstall right now. The damned thing is all messed up. I get a bunch of can't read from... (Part of office cd) when trying to install over it and there just isn't a remove option like everyone says. The cd isn't scratched or anything. It is just bogus.

I'm trying to convince my parents to put everything of value to them on disks or the network drive of a different computer so I can just do a fresh format and os install. Nimda keeps popping back up on their computer even though I've used a bunch of different removal tools. Oh well.
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