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Can't type or scroll help!!!!!!

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I sure hope someone can help me with this problem...

I have a laptop(Compaq Armada 3500). It has Windows 95 on it.
Here's the problem...

Everytime I try to type something, whether an "IM" or email letter or whatever, I have to ALWAYS double check what was typed once I finish typing a line or two. It seems that the computer wants to either skip or ignore letters I have typed. Also, it seems that the cursor is in cahoots with it! If the cursor happens to be between words, every once in a while, while I am typing, I notice that I have come between words I have typed already and I have to constantly redo my sentences!

For an example of what it looks like...
Normal sentence:

I hope you had a great day today!

Messed up sentence:

I hopegreat day today! you had a

I hope my example was understandable

Please help! It's so frustrating!:mad:
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Hi, can you boot to a dos prompt only and try typing something there?

How about safe mode?
FWIW, it sounds like you have keyboard and/or pointing device malfunctions. It's hard to be specific, but it sounds like some repairs are probably in order...
AcaCandy -
Thank you, but how do I check it in dos? I know a little about comps, not a whole lot. I know what dos is, how would I do what your suggesting?

johnwill -
Thanks, is this something that I could do myself or with a coach?
Start button, shutdown, restart in dos mode..........
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