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cant start boot.. blue horizontal line..

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I really need help..
I cant boot up my computer.. i have windows XP pro
when I'm turn on the computer... its show a lot of blue horizontal line.. and after that show a lot of a ex: aaaaaaaaaaaaa inwhole screen.. i dont know why... and it cant start the windows.. I really need help.. before this happend... when i turn on the computer said that upgrade bios.. or something like that..
so please need your help..

My computer:
2.53 Ghz Pentium 4
845G max MSI mainboard
512mb pc2100 DDR ram
video and sound card onboard
40GB Matrox Hard Drive
Windows XP pro

I build it like a month ago.. and its work fine... and yesterday i got this happend.. so please help me.. I also always check virus.. so its virus free.. I update the bios.. but still not working..
please help me as soon as possible..

thanks for reading and helping..
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Did this happen before or after you updated your bios? Double check and make sure you used the correct bios. I too have an MSI motherboard and some of their part number descriptions can be confusing. You can try removing the cmos battery for a few seconds to get the bios back to its default settings, but make sure you've got the right bios for your particular motherboard.
I did upgrade the bios.. before i upgrade the bios.. the bios shows vers. 1.4 and i upgrade to 1.6 i got the bios upgrade from

and still not working... is still show like aaaaaaaa is weird a is kind of other languange.. i dont know.. is show like aaaa but have dot in the top of the a.. its show the hole screen with a lot of blue horizontal line in the background... I really need help..

I will explain again.. i turn on the computer and its show the blue lines in the back.. and its show the bios version and the ram and its show the hardrive and like ussual.. but after that the aaaaa that i told u show up.. a with a dot in the top.. and some later that i cant read.. some weird later..

so please help me as soon as possible.. thanks
Our gracious lady Mo PM'd me about your problem and I was able to find this:

Part of which says:
MSI Live BIOS update
This neat feature introduced recently by MSI, eradicates messy motherboard BIOS updates via DOS prompts. Typically, one simply downloads a client program that installs itself on the PC, which subsequently launches an ActiveX program that checks your BIOS via your favourite web browser. Upon verifying a supported MSI motherboard (like the K7T Pro, I815Es, etc), it checks to see if any BIOS update is applicable for the client PC. If yes, it then proceeds to “flash” it within Windows.

Although this serves to automate the BIOS update process, it is slightly disconcerting to note that any interruption produces an error during the “flash” process and typically renders the BIOS corrupt and unusable. Of course, there is a way to revert default BIOS settings via clearing the CMOS jumper.

You might want to follow up on this and see if you can rescue your machine. Hope this helps.
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i did everything.. but still doesnt work.. i dont get it why is show weird letter.. is not english.. is like weird letter like those russian letter.. i dont know though.. I'm using my old computer.. its really slow.. and i need to use my other computer as soon as possible.. please anyone help me.. I took out the battery and put it again.. and stil.. I see blue horizontal lines and those weird letter everytime i start my computer.. and it cant reboot.. i cant see what is written cause is show weird letter.. please help!!!!
You said you did everything but did you pull the jumper? After a search on the MSI website i found a manual for your board. On page 2-24 there was a detailed description and picture of the location I've attached.

I kept it alone on the next post,


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I did do it.. but still dont work.. the blue lines still show and the weird letter still show.. I open my computer and take out the jumper and put the jumper to another one to reset it right.. and i wait for 10 seconds and put the jumper back to the first one.. and still dont work.. the blue line stil show and the weird letter still show and still doesnt boot up.. i think is trying to tell something.. but i dont understand cause of the weird letter.. is kind of some arabic letter or those russian language.. i dont really know..

so do u think i should buy new bios or new motherboard.. but is expensive to buy motherboard.. that motherboard cost like 100 bucks.. or i heard that i can buy bios.. but i dont know.. so please help me.. maybe thats other way to fix it other than buy mother board.. but maybe is not about motherboard the one that broken..

thanks for helping me.. but i still need help..
so do u think i should buy new bios or new motherboard..
If that didn't work then I'm out of suggestions. If this started when you flashed the BIOS then that is the problem and the only solution is to buy another BIOS or board. The BIOS is the cheapest way to go.

You can put a new thread in the hardware section and link to this thread and see if any of the real hardware tech specialists with more knowledge than me can find a solution first. That's what I'd do or write the moderator of this section and ask that it be moved to hardware.

Make sure you don't just start over. The new readers need to see what you have done.
hm.. thats a good idea.. do u know where i can find the bios?
I have a quick question for you. In your first post you said when you turned on the computer it told you to upgrade the BIOS? How and why? If you had a problem you might want to consult and find out what is the best combination of MOBO and BIOS for your system. It seems that you had some kind of problem before too?
I built the computer like a month ago.. so after 3 weeks is show like i need to upgrade the bios.. and its show bios error.. so i thought thats not important to me so i just ignore it.. and the next 3 days is keeping restart after 10 - 15 min.. i dotn know why.. and the next day its show the blue lines and cant boot nomore..

so after that i tried to upgrade to bios.. but still dont work..

thats the whole story.. please help me
Finnaly I got it.. my memory some how is broken.. i have 2 memory one is 128mb DDR pc 2100 and the other one is 512mb DDR pc 2100... the 512mb is broken some how.. i dont know why.. If i take out the memory.. the computer runs good... no problem.. but if I put it again.. the blue lines show and cant boot.. I tried to take out the 128mb, and put the 512mb still doesnt work.. so the 512mb ram somehow broken..

Thanks for helping..

NOw my questiion is.. do u think i can returned and get the new one.. cause when i bought it.. its said " life time guarantee " and i still have everything.. the box and the waranty paper.. i bought it from someone in ebay.. I hope i can get the new one for free.. cause the 512mb DDR ram is cost like around 130 bucks..

so if u guys have the same problem as me.. first try to look the memory.. i hope this is help..
i bought it from someone in ebay..
If you bought it from a private citizen on e-bay then the only hope is that he/she is honest and will give you your money back. The original manufacturer doesn't have to honor any warranty at all.

It's also possible you damaged the RAM yourself so you'd have to prove it was bad when you bought it. Probably not possible.

Glad you got the machine fixed though.
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