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can't see other computer

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I have a winxp computer connected to a winme. The winme sees the winxp in network neighborhood but the xp doesn't see the me. What do I need to do? Thanks, Larry.
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(how are the two computers connected? are they both in the same workgroup? what are their ip addresses?)
Make Sure you have atleast one Folder Shared
got a similar prob. win98 computer cannot access shared folder on an xp prof. computer although it sees it on the network. I can access if i use windows 2000 though.

Both computers are connected with a dlink router. Both can access the internet. It seems that I remember somewhere in winxp they ask you to make a floppy disk to use on an earlier win computer if they are networked. I don't remember where to find that. Could this help? Thanks, Larry.
I'm having a similar problem between 2 win 2k machines.
They can sometimes see each other, but can't access each other.
They have at least one shared folder each.
Is there anything special one needs to do to access the other computer?
Nevermind about my post. It was my firewall that had been interfering and I hadn't even realized it.
larrycleve - I think you are remembering the disk that ICS creates. But if your computers are connected to a router that is connected to your DSL/Cable modem then you do not need ICS.
The workgroup must concurr or the ME would not see the XP. Try adding the XP box's login name to the permissions for a folder that is shared in ME.
Then, I don't know where, but try mapping a drive in XP to the folder in ME.
I solved the problem. It turned out to be very simple(as such things usually are). In the me computer under network properties I looked at the tcp/ip properties. In the bindings tab the box for file and printer sharing was unchecked. I checked it, rebooted, and now everything works fine. Thanks for your suggestions, Larry.
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