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Cant see file size?

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Well I have WinXpPro and I know I have alot of things I dont need any more and I want to see what size all my files are. I open my foler for my program files and cose to sort by size and it dose it by name since the size wont show up. I would use the add or remove program feature but it only dose programs and alot of files I have just have jumk that was left over so can some one help me please?.
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Since you said Program files the size of each installed program is listed in "Add and Remove Programs." Do not go making manual changes in "Program Files." Those are your installed programs and you could end up making a lot of trouble for yourself. As far as other files are concerned, "Folder Options" will allow you to set the display, and under "View" at the top of each window you can select "Details" which will give you the size of each file. If not, under "View>Choose details," just check the box for size.
Have you tried doing a System Restore? All Programs>Accessories>System Tools. Choose a date and time before the "mess-up."
Lets just take it a step at a time.
How much hard drive space do you have? My Computer>Right click on (C) >Properties. A pie graph will open up showing free\used. Please post back with the numbers.

Get free ATF cleaner: (SAVE to Desktop)
Does not need installation. Just double click.
Check all boxes except Prefetch. Make sure that Prefetch is NOT checked.
[More about this later if necessary. You need prefetch for now. Do not clear
your pefetch unless really necessary. XP takes care of it automatically.]
Run ATF. This will clean up alot of stuff.

Run the built-in defragmentation tool. Same directory as System Restore. This will probably take a while so a good time to sort your socks. Post back after clean and defrag with free/used disc space and we'll take it from there.
I'll be online for hours yet tonight.
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