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Can't run Soyo mobo @ full speed!

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Just built a computer with Soyo Dragon Platinum (via 333) mobo, AMD XP 2100+ CPU, stick of generic 256M 266 (2100) DDR ram and a Maxtor 40gig 7200 HDD . When I set the CPU speed @ 133 (having also set the ram speed accordingly) I get "SUWIN" or other errors when trying to install my Win 98SE. If I do manage to get it installed I get a bunch of GPF's basically making the box worthless. If I set the CPU and RAM speed to 100 Mhz then it all seems to work fine. I'd like to get the speed I paid for (yeah, I know I didn't need a 333 board with the current XP chips but I'd like to get at least the 266 it's capable of) What's going on here? Any ideas are appreciated!!
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Hi sro,

What multiplier setting are you using for the CPU?

If this is the Freq Stepping then it is set at 100 which is the default.

The multiplier will still be at the default 13x setting since he can't change the multiplier because his cpu is still locked.

Check to see if your bios has any options of running the RAM timing at a higher ratio than the FSB (i.e, 4:5 or 3:4). Your pc2100 ram might not be able to handle the faster RAM speed.

Exactly what SUWIN error are you getting?
Did you already install windows?

Try this: Disable your internal cache. The SUWIN error happens when it tries to verify that the memory range it wants to use is free.
Iif you have your internal cache enabled, these memory ranges are protected and windows cannot use them for the install.
You THEN enable cache after the install.
The SUWIN error is tied to the install effort so your assesment is correct (don't know the actual dll it is squealing about but it is the install). I did say that I can get through the install (eventually) but then I get a bunch of GPF and regestry errors. I see where I can disable the the CPU internal cache. So you think this will help with the other errors once I'm in? Where exactly is the setting for the multiplier? Is potentially called something else. By the way when I changed the speed after I had loaded Win98 and rebooted, the machine acted like I had just loaded Windows; my screen was back to VGA and my software was no longer recognized. Is this typical?

From the errors your seeing I would be very skeptical about that stick of memory. If you can, I would certainly try a different stick
Will try a stick of Crucial I just bought. I'll let you guys know. Thanks!!
BrianF, Max 8, and Spaceman 333 Thanks guys for your help on my problem. I had bought a stick of Crucial as noted in my last post. Put it in tonight an reset my speed to 133 and it worked fine.

To all out there: "If you are going to build, don't skimp on the RAM!!"

Thanks again

The box does run better with the new stick of memory but still unstable, I think the via 4in1 drivers are not present. When I install them and reboot, my pci, bridge and agp is recognized and the driver recognition process begins. Cool. I must be doing something wrong as it asks for the AGP VxD disk and I have no clue what it is. If I manage to stumble past that it is asking to try and load/save the and files. Where are they and how are they accessed? I have not loaded many drivers though the others that came with the mobo seemed to go fine. I went to via and atempted to load the latest 4in1's but after booting I had no display. I won't be trying them again.

Please provide step-by-step as to how and where the driver/file identification and loading takes place when my hardware is first recognized.

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