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can't run newer games--nvidia driver?

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athlon xp 1700+
MSI k7n420pro mobo
256 pc2100 ddr
40gb hd---plenty of room left
MSI geforce ti4200

I'm having problems running newer games on this pc. It will run everything else, including burn-ins, benchmarks, etc.... without problems. When I run unreal tournament 2003 or battlefield 1942 or even Impossible Creatures, the system just shuts down after less than 2 minutes. I can run return to castle wolfenstien without incident. I've got nothing overclocked, and my power supply was replaced 3 months ago. I have noticed that I cannot change the agp bus settings when using the MSI driver from agp 1x to 4x. My mobo and card both support 4x. Also, I have uninstalled the msi driver and installed the nvidia reference driver multiple times, however the msi settings remain in my advanced properties tab.
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yes, I can run 3dmark 2001se but the scores are about half what they should be. I was getting close to 10000, but now I'm at about 5000. Does anyone know how to completely remove the MSI driver and software that comes with installing the driver? It's not in the add/remove progs options, and I read somewhere that I could remove it in the registry.
Are you talking about the MSI driver for the motherboard or the video card?
Well, i just uninstalled everything msi from my windows folder and got the nvidia driver working without the msi garbage. However, I can't get it out of pci mode. There is no agp/pci mode setting in bios except for initial display, which is set to agp. In the settings for the desktop, the nvidia driver says its running in the pci 2 on the pci bus. Its an AGP 4x card in an AGP 4x slot.
Do you have the Nvidia nForce System Driver installed? You can get that here: &NAME=MS-6373

Also, can the onboard video be disabled? In the BIOS under Integrated Peripherals does Init Display First have Onboard/AGP listed?

I've also read that you can get better performance by going into Advanced Chipset Features and setting AGP Bus Driving Value to Strongest, but I would only do that after everything else is working first.
yeah, I've got the latest drivers for each particular device. I've finally got the msi video card (not onboard, which is disabled) drivers gone and I'm using nvidia's reference drivers. My problem now is that I can't run 3dmark, and in the properties of the card it says its running in PCI mode. Its a agp card in an agp slot which is enabled in bios and is set as the initial display. The onboard is disabled. This is driving me nuts. I've reinstalled winXP, used a fresh download of drivers, and it's still running in pci mode. It won't let me change it to agp in the properties.

i needed to reinstall the GART driver that came with my agp card's cd. This wasn't in any downloads from either nvidia or MSI (the agp card manufacturer). Thanks for the help :D
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