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Can't Install WinXP

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We are trying to install Windows XP but it will not see our SATA hard drive. What would cause this and how should we go about fixing it?

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when you first start to install and it says to press f6 to install any 3rd party drivers are you popping in your floppy with the sata drivers
I tried that, but it only allows drivers from a floppy, and my drivers are on my motherboard CD, which I can't copy to a floppy :(

I went to the motherboard web site, but I didn't see a listing for just the SATA drivers. Guess I'll have to hunt them down some other way....
go to the h/d manufacturers web site for them
OK good idea :)

Thanks dai ;)
Put the drivers on the floppy. When I go to use it I get an error message saying txtsetup.oem could not be found. I don't know where it's getting that file name from, because it has nothing to do with my SATA drivers. It also doesn't give me the option to select setup.exe. So I don't know what I can do now, maybe look for some other kind of drivers :(
what brand of drive
It is a 160 Gig Seagate Barracuda SATA drive, which you can see by clicking Here. ;)
check your manual ther must be a way to extract them from the m/b setup disk
There is, and those were the drivers that did not work yesterday ;)

It just kept asking for that file txtsetup.oem file.
OK Thanks! We got it ;)

BTW - I was on the phone today with Microsoft, and they told me that the problem I am having was caused from using Partiton Magic, which causes drive overlay :rolleyes:

I'll never use Partition Magic again! :down:

Anyway thanks for those other files :D
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