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Can't install sound

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I posted a couple of days ago as I was having trouble re-installing Windows. I'll give you my machine spec first.

It's an AMD K63 450mzh, 128 meg memory. All the rest of the stuff has installed fine, but my sound card is causing me grief.

I don't know the exact model, It's an Addonics SV550 something. I've got all the drivers, and a sheet of Japanese characters and bad english that passes for a manual.

Plug and Play won't pick it up, so I went to the device manager and removed everything from "Sound, video and game controllers", then tried re-installing it by picking my device from a list. As I say, I don't know the exact model (It isn't written down anywhere), so I tried them all one by one then the appropriate drivers.

And it still won't work.

Do I need a new sound card?
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Before you go ahead and throw your sound card out,
check this out and download the driver.

There're two options there and I don't know which.(Maybe try both?)

Also try changing the slot if you haven't done that yet.

Good luck,


try this site I seen the Addonics sv550 drivers on the right hand side 3.65mb in size so shouldnt take too long. Uninstall all sound drivers and then try the ones you download and should be ok.. also if you have problems with this try downloading
download the basic version its free and run it and it gives you loads of info on soundcards and drivers and loads of other useless stuff :) hope this helps
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