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cant get usb ports to work or update on win10

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for the last 2 days i cant get any of the usb ports to work on my computer, when i go to the device manager to update them it says windows cant find drivers for your device. only time i can even get my mouse lights to turn on are if i restart the computer and dont unplug it, that being said even when the lights are working the mouse still doesnt. very annoying and frustrating.
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the hp troubleshooter says to uninstall the first usb root on device manager. i tried that and it stays like this for hours


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and when it ran a systems test this happened


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Could you give us more information about your PC? Is it a Dell, HP, etc? Did this issue occur after you updated to Windows 10, or was it happening before as well?
its a hp envy. i bought this computer with win10 already on it.
When did they stop working? Did you install any new software? Make any changes to your computer? Add physical components to it (such as RAM)? It could be that the USB controller on your motherboard is faulty.
they stopped working 2 days ago. no new software was installed. when i go to restart it tho it comes up with an error saying: driver_power_state_failure.
On your keyboard, hold the Windows key + R to open the Run prompt.
Type in sigverif and press Enter.
A dialog box will appear. Press Start.

If you see your USB drivers listed, you'll need to download new ones that have been digitally signed.
You might want to check the HP website for the newest drivers. What is the exact model number of your Envy? For example, I also own an HP Envy desktop, and my model number is 700-216.

You can find your model number by pressing the Windows key + R once more. This time, type in msinfo32. Find system model and report back.
HP ENVY Notebook - m6-p113dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR), i went to the hp website and there was no listings for usb drivers for my device. i ran the sigverif and it says all signed.
I see that there has been a BIOS update published May 27 of this year for your device. You can try to update it, and maybe it'll help with your issue.

The update package is located here. Generally, there aren't any updates to USB drivers because they aren't commonly updated. Otherwise, the only thing that I can think of is some type of motherboard issue.
Now that did the bios update. It won't boot, saying in accessible boot device...
Have you updated a BIOS before? You have to be precise when doing it, otherwise you can break things. Can you access the BIOS at least? I assume not, because if you flashed it improperly the only way to proceed would to be by booting via a USB or external ROM.
I got it to boot in safe mode, then restarted it
You should refer to this article before attempting to update your BIOS. I'm not sure how HP does things. Sometimes when the inaccessible boot device error pops up it's because you have an external USB plugged in, and Windows is trying to boot from there.
After the reboot in safe mode my Mouse works but isn't recognized.
Well, you're in safe mode, so that's expected. Are you able to boot into normal Windows at all?
It's in normal mode now.
Was your mouse working prior to the BIOS update? And what do you mean by "it isn't recognized?"
No the Mouse wasn't working prior to the update. But after 5 minutes it stopped working again. Lights are still on but won't work.
Are you sure it's a USB issue and not a mouse issue? Do you have any other USB devices that you can test?
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