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Can't find operating system

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Turned on the machine and up came,"Can't find operating system".

I have the Microsoft disk that came with Windows 95 and the system disk for ME as well as a startup floppy.

Any Ideas on how I can get my baby running again?

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First you might boot with a floppy to see if you can find any files on the C: drive.
Thanks for the come back.

When I start with the floppy, it says no drivers and no FATS. The farther I've gotten to is <windows loader is missing or corrupted> I do get a c drive prompt and then I type <c:\windows\system\vmm.32.vxd>

The c prompt comes right back

I have a MAXTOR floppy for partitions and it does show both hard drives but that is as far as I get.


shortcut :
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What floppy disk are you using. It needs to be something like a Win98 boot floppy.

I have a section with instructions for creating a boot disk at

There is also the generic one I use which you can download and extract.
Thanks for the comeback. Sorry, I gave up and took it to the local fixer.

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