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Can't download from Canon A630 to PC

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I have a brand new Canon A630 digital camera. When I connect the usb cable to my PC it appears to find it initially but then after a couple of seconds a message pops up saying there was a problem during installation and my new hardware might not work properly.And of course it doesn't work.
In device manager there is a yellow asterisk against it in 'imaging devices' with the advice in 'properties' as follows;
"windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)"
Uninstalling the device in device manager doesnt help i go through the same routine over and over.
Performing System Restore back to a time before i first connected the camera doesnt work I still get the same message
The troubleshooter in the manual offers no suggestions that work.
The camera works fine on my PC at work so its not the camera .

I'm Running windows XP SP2 on Mesh Titan PC Athlon X2 3800
Surely i shouldn't have to uninstall the Windows XP digital camera driver? Any advice gratefully received before I start doing rash/risky things to resolve this!

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OK thanks happyrck I will try that if i cant resolve the XP drivers issue but I really want to get it working with XP native drivers (as it should) if possible!
On a hunch i figured my Primascan Colorado SCANNER was showing up in Control panel/Scanners and Cameras so i unplugged the scanner and the camera worked immediately! Plugged the scanner back in and then it wouldn't work...showed the same error code 38 that the camera did! So I obviously can't use both at once... and yet i've used two other digital cameras on the same PC with the scanner plugged in with no problems. Is this a case for a different forum...I suppose its sort of 'solved' as far as this one goes... at least i can use the camera...but I'd like to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Thanks happyrck for your suggestions
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