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Can't delete program GEADsBN.exe - what is it?

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I am having some difficulties deleting several related 'rogue' programs. They have been placed in folder c:\program files\vptqwpvp and are called: GEADGsBN.exe; GEADGsBN.DLL; NBsGDAEG.exe; cnml.exe and profile.dat.

When I use Taskmaster to stop the process it appears to stop them but they return almost immediately. I deleted all references to them in the Registry that I could find (but obviously missed some), and I have tried to delete them, but am denied permission because they are being used.

What are these files? What damage can they do (they appear to be related to Outlook Express and caused several reboots when I tried to use OE).

How can I get rid of them?


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Go here and do an online scan

Do you have Spybot and adaware installed on your computer?
Did you try to fix them with hijack in SAFE MODE ? that will sometimes work ......
Since you obviously know what you are doing and have tried almost everything I will get you some better advice on this from the Moderators
I understand your frustration :) hang in there help will be with you shortly ...
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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