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Can't connect higher than 28.8 kbps! Why??

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I'm on MSN and Windows xp-pro, and recently have not connected faster than 28.8 kbps - I'm on regular dial up service. I changed the maximum speed for modem, as instructed by msn tech support but no difference, what could the problem be? a bug possibly.. I oddly was planning to upgrade my modem to a v.92 anyway but don't have it yet. Thanks for any suggestions:)
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Couple of things to consider...

How many phones/answering machines are on the same line as you modem. Each attached unit can have an attenuating effect.

Noise on the telephone lines can have a limiting effect on speed. DO NOT tell the phone comapny your internet speed is slow. They will not respond favorably. Tell them you are getting intermittant noise on the line. :cool:
If you have a 56K modem (sounds like you do) and if it's set up correctly (sounds like it is), then the speed at which you connect is determined solely by the telephone lines and the condition thereof.

To find out if it's noise on the line, pick up a phone that's on the same line as your computer, press 1 as if you were going to dial a long-distance number (gets rid of the dial tone) and listen. If there's any noise at all, that will affect your connection speed.

Like raybro said, don't make any reference to dialup speed if you call your telco. The regs only require them to keep the voice communication up to par. They can, and will, blow off problems with data speeds.

The only real, permanent solution for slow dialup speed is to change over to a broadband connection if it's available in your area.
I have managed to boost mine (slightly) with better settings using this program. I have tried several and for some reason, this one continues to be the best.

Freeware. TCP Optimiser. Must work for all versions of Windows, I don't see a list of requirements.

Where's the cat:I increased my speed from 28 to 37 by installing an external v92 modem.No other changes.Connection speed is also affected by distance from you to the phone co switch(office).
My laptop at home connects at 37. If it is moved closer to the switch,connects at 51.No other changes.Updates regarding line noise and other devices on line are also very correct.
Simply buying a V.92 modem will do you no good if your ISP does not carry the service. However, it won't hurt you either because V.92 modems are backwards compatible, so I recommend that you buy one. If your ISP doesn't have V.92 service but you would like to have V.92 service then send me a PM and I will tell you where you can get a good one for less than 10 bucks a month. Your connection speed is determined by how close you are to the what they call "booster stations". The closer that you live to one, the higher your speed will be. You can call your phone company and complain to them that you want your line rerouted, but it is hard to convince them to do this because first of all it is a hassle for them to do it, and secondly, they have the attitude that if your phone works, then your modem should be happy. Just remember that YOU are paying the phone bill and if you talk to someone high enough at the phone company they usually will "eventually" comply with your wishes. V.92 has a much better compression rate and it is well worth the change over. It also has many great new features.
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Read my article on 56K dial-up tweaks and fixes. It's a pretty extensive list, so take your time.

Just to reinforce what some of the others have said. If you have phone line problems, you're going to have low connection speeds, no matter how much tweaking you do.

Frank's Windows 95/98 Tips
We do have an answering machine on our ph. line, but it did'nt seem to affect it before.. I removed some features lately, changed calling plan so maybe that stirred this up. I'll listen for noise on the line, and try moving closer to the wall jack to see if that helps- I have extenders on a couple cords to reach the farther room my laptop is in, will try a short direct plug in this time, see what happens.. Will let you know if it gets faster connection!
The phone line shouldn't effect it. It's most likely a phone company issue (routed through bad lines, located far from a booster station, ETC.). Please let us know if you find something that helps it ;)
"Pedroguy", how did a external modem help? ) Thanks for all the tips, so far I changed my isp access numbers and tried getting way close to the ph jack, but not much better. I'm having trouble once I log on to msn also, seeing "page unavailable" and "cannot find server" plus can't send/recieve email.. I'm guessing the glitch is on their end! I'm closing the pc for a few days and hopefully msn will fix things by then- not worth getting a headache over. I still have the option to ask sbc to check our line, but I did'nt notice noise on it, just a low Hum that seems normal..when this clears up I'm still interested in getting the v.92 modem, wondered how a internal type differs from the external kind, performance wise? Thanks all..
Where's:An internal modem uses system resources to send and receive data.An external modem uses it's own onboard hardware/software to send and receive,freeing up your pc's system resources.Many threads on TSG have come to the same conclusion.My connect/download speed increased about 30% and I am using a V92 modem and ISP connection.
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