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Can't access the internet

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I have a home home network set up with 3 pc 3 os's: xp,2kpro,2kserver. My w2kpro computer cannot access the internet. It can share resources internally but ports 80,443 are a no go. I tried swithching nic cards but that didn't work. I belive I might have a trojan or a virus on my machine; here is my log.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

D :confused:


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Thanks for the quick reply.
1) I get to the internet via a cable connection
2) My address is shared via a linksys cable/dsl router using nat.
3) I can ping all internal address and even open up shared folders on other computers.
4) I can't ping any external ip's
5) I can't ping any external names

Thanks for the reply, but I can't attempt your fix because I can't get to the internet.
Bob ,
Everything was set up properly, thanks for the info though. I discovered an additional problem with this computer, somehow there was a profile listed under documents & setting; which contained chinese writting. I was unable to to delete this profile and recieved the following message: "this file contains the master boot record".

I decided to do a win2k repair install, after which I was able to delete the profile. I then repatched the machine. Everything is no back to normal.

Thanks for your help

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